Release of Probability Simulations Software by Math Teacher’s Resource

statistics_64I’m happy and excited to release a free full Windows version of the software Probability Simulations. The primary reasons for writing the program are: 1) Satisfy my lingering curiosity about a variety of probability distributions. 2) Develop an effective classroom software tool that makes it easy to demonstrate a variety of concepts and interesting problems in probability theory and statistics.

Here is a brief description of the software’s main features:

  • The software provides a total of 23 probability simulations ranging from classic geometric probability simulations to common probability distributions such as the binomial, Poisson, normal, and chi-square.
  • Upon selection of a particular simulation, the purpose of the simulation is explained and the key parameters of the simulation are described. Simulation parameters can be easily edited.
  • A simulation can be run in either manual or automatic mode which gives users two different ways to experience a simulation, view program output and interact with the software. In manual mode, the user is required to click the <Run Simulation> button or press the <R> key to run the next simulation.
  • Users can run simulations of sampling statistics based on populations described by probability distributions such as binomial, normal, student-t, chi-square and uniform continuous.
  • Users can run simulations of confidence interval calculations or simulations of hypothesis tests from a P-value point of view or traditional rejection region point of view.
  • Experimental and expected probabilities of events can be found by just moving the cursor over a histogram bar and then shift-click the mouse.
  • Probabilities, inverse probabilities, critical values and P-values of statistics can be found by just clicking a button or shift-clicking the mouse in the region under a probability curve.
  • The software is easy to use because of the program’s <Help> menu command and context sensitive explanations are provided at the appropriate moment in all simulations.

The screen shots below give you a quick peek at some of the program’s features.












Click here to learn more about the software and download it for free. Since the program is copyright protected, users are bound by the terms stated in the license agreement. I invite teachers to experiment and play with the software. I’m sure that teachers of subjects other than statistics will find some of the simulations interesting and useful in their own classes. Let me know if you would like to see additional features in future versions of the software and how you use the software in your classes. Thanks!

Also check-out my free Summary of Common Probability Distributions, which describes the key properties of probability distributions found in lower level college statistics courses.

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