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trig_software_icon_32Our Basic Trig Functions Software is a free tool for teaching core concepts of trigonometry. The software is designed for interactive and dynamic classroom instruction and for teachers who want to create custom instructional content. The relation and function graphing capability of our software also makes it a great tool for teaching algebra. Use the software to accomplish the following (plus much more):

  • Demonstrate trigonometric functions on a circle
  • Demonstrate the basic trigonometric function equations
  • Graph x-y relations and solve one variable equations
  • Graph polar functions
  • Create trigonometric circle diagrams
  • Graph powers of a complex number
  • Graph roots of a complex number
  • Explore the Mandelbrot Set

Explore its many features, then download and use for free.

statistics_32Our Probability Simulations Software is a free tool for teaching core concepts of statistics and probability theory. The software is designed for interactive and dynamic classroom demonstration and experimentation. Teachers can present concepts in a step-by-step format or automatic mode to help their students learn on a deeper level. The software includes the following classic simulations:

  • Birthday
  • Casino Craps
  • Monte Carlo π/4
  • Buffon’s Coin and Needle
  • Triangle and Stick
  • Numerical Expression
  • Convex Quadrilateral
  • Obtuse Triangle (3 points or 3 angles)

Additionally, use the software to demonstrate the following probability distributions:

  • Toss Single
  • Toss N Die
  • Binomial
  • Poisson
  • Geometric and Hypergeometric
  • Urn with Balls
  • Normal
  • Exponential
  • t-Distribution
  • F-Distribution
  • Chi-Square

Graphic outputs from the software also offer teachers an easy way to create custom instructional content. As always, download and use for free.

Instructional Content

Looking for math handouts, assignments, exercises, and test questions for your classroom? Browse our instructional content page. We have an ever-growing collection of useful content for trigonometry, statistics, algebra, and pre-calculus. All content is free and ready for immediate download.